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Getting Started with React Auth Kit

👋 Welcome!

Manage authentication with ease on your React-based projects using React Auth Kit.


React-Auth-Kit and all it's plugins are available as a npm package.

  • React Auth Kit

    Core library to integrate React Auth Kit

    npm install react-auth-kit
    yarn add react-auth-kit
    pnpm install react-auth-kit
  • @auth-kit/next

    Plugin to use the NextJs router

    npm install @auth-kit/next
    yarn add @auth-kit/next
    pnpm install @auth-kit/next
  • @auth-kit/react-router

    Plugin to use the React router

    npm install @auth-kit/react-router
    yarn add @auth-kit/react-router
    pnpm install @auth-kit/react-router
  • 🚀 More Plugins are brewing Up!!

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Integrate React Auth Kit into your application easily


Add up multiple functions to your application hl_lines="2 5 9"

  • Sign In - Perform the Login or Signin Operation.
  • Sign Out - Perform the Logout or Singout Operation.
  • User Data - Get the current user's data in your app.
  • Auth Header - Get the Auth Header for Network request in your app.
  • Auth Status - Get the Auth Status (boolean value) in your components before rendering.
  • Refresh Token - Refresh the Access Token using the Refresh token

Private Routing

React Auth Kit supports various various routering frameworks to handle Private Routing and Redirection

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React Auth Kit is MIT License code